Hope Exchange

World Race hope exchange volunteers

Hope Exchanges are at the core of NHIE’s philosophy and programming. They  provide for young adults, families, and volunteers of all ages to exchange talents, cultural values, food, and the Gospel of Jesus Christ as key ingredients to a better future.

A Hope Exchange is a two-way street where we offer opportunities to put HOPE into action:

• We bring young people from South Africa to the USA to share their musical talents, culture, stories of survival, how the Jeremiah Project has positively impacted their lives, and their Christian faith.

• We also provide service trips for people from the USA to South Africa to work with our affiliate programs such as New Hope Jeremiah Project. In the process, the participants learn of our commonalities. They learn that even though there may be differences in culture, they often discover how they are very much alike.

• As we fellowship with a meal, music and service, we become acquainted and build a depth of understanding and a shared experience that cannot be gained from a distance. The best of what we exchange is Hope. Hope that there might be a better quality of life. Hope for education, strong employment, and the ability to enjoy our family relationships free from oppression.


Luther College J-Term

Luther Student at New Hope Jeremiah ProjectLuther College’s Africana Studies program first worked with NHIE and the Adams as part of their J-Term course in 2003 when they began working with our affiliate New Hope Jeremiah Project as part of our Hope Exchange program.

“New Hope International Exchange is an incredible organization, and is based in a wonderful community that is full of love, respect, and strong faith. As soon as we arrived in the community we were welcomed with open arms and huge smiles. I have never felt so immediately comfortable and content in a new and foreign atmosphere and I instantly sensed a sincere mutual respect coming from both sides; us the Americans, and the New Hope community. After only a few days I had fallen in love: with the children, with the New Hope directors and leaders, with the community, with South Africa. After only one and a half weeks in Cape Town I was smitten and knew in my heart that I would return some day, however I had no idea how or when. I have been blessed with the opportunity to return to South Africa once again to work with New Hope International Exchange. I have never been so excited for a trip before, for now I know what’s in store for me and I know it will be a memorable and life changing experience.” ~Kelly Vanek

The World Race: Christian Missions

The World Race & Eisle Fam FeedingWe are blessed to receive participants in The World Race for a month every year.

These young people also work with our affiliate program, the New Hope Jeremiah Project, helping serve hungry families, providing programs, and just having fun with the kids.

A blog post written by one of The World Race participants, called The Colored People exemplifies the value of a Hope Exchange for all participants:

 “…my team and I were living with our adorable contacts and their family. My contacts (Ma and Pa) are colored, and are very proud of their heritage. All month, we’ve lived in a colored community, with train tracks separating the neighboring black and white race neighborhoods. If you could step out of this blog for a minute, stand up straight, and bend your neck to look directly down at the floor. Picture three sections; on your far right, a block of black people. Draw a vertical line separating this block with a caramel colored block in the middle. Envision another vertical black line, and place a large white block of people on the far left. This is the geographical break-up of the races in the district we lived in last month.” ~Jessica Smith

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