About Us

New Hope International Exchange – South Africa/USA, founded in 2000, is an organization dedicated to bringing hope and unique exchange experiences to children and adults from South Africa and USA.

Our Mission

The mission of New Hope International Exchange (NHIE) is to offer opportunities to individuals and groups to put HOPE in action by serving and supporting communities in need within Cape Town, South Africa through volunteer missions and foreign exchange.

Why South Africa?

During the Apartheid era, white minority rule left a legacy of discriminatory policies against non-whites such as the Group Areas Act. The Group Areas Act effectively excluded non-whites from living in the most developed areas. The law lead to non-whites being forcibly removed from their neighbourhoods. This alienated the non-white races, created poverty, social disintegration, and ensured the restriction of movement among the groups.

Current Situation

The Cape Flats townships such as Elsies River, where NHIE programs are based, are a direct result of the mass removals. Today, over 25 years after Apartheid ended, these communities still struggle with poverty, unemployment, poor housing, broken families, crowded school classrooms, high crime rates, various addictions, gang activity, teen pregnancy, and HIV & AIDS.

About the Founders

Brendon Adams

Co-founder Brendon Adams was born and raised in Elsies River and has experienced first-hand the violence, fear, and disadvantage of growing up during and post Apartheid. Poverty, oppression, violence, and fear often blocked HOPE from his mind. It was because of his relationship with Jesus Christ that he was able to rise above the oppressive circumstances and forgive and love his neighbours who had hurt him. Brendon decided early on that if he were given an opportunity, he would give back to his community in any way he could.

Gaylene Adams

Co-founder Gaylene Adams made her first trip to South Africa in 1996. After only 12 days with the township children, she realized what a great impact the children had made on her heart and that she was called to return for ministry purposes. Gaylene returned to Cape Town in 1998-1999 and coordinated a successful program for youth and children. That is when Brendon and Gaylene met. They married in 2000, and came back to Cape Town in 2002 to run New Hope International Exchange in Elsies River for three years before returning to the USA. They now live in Minnesota and lead the operation of NHIE from there.